What is EDM?

EDM is many things. Its sounds, emotions, lights, smells, and best of all, memories. This is why people pay thousands to visit an EDM concert.

EDM production

But how is edm music made? Today most electronic dance music is made digitally on laptops. These laptops use software called a DAW (digital audio workstation).

As the music production software advanced, so did the sounds. Many EDM artists use software plugins called VST’s to get sounds.

EDM History

One could say electronic music started in the early 1970’s with Kraftwerk. And ever since then there has been many artists who started to experiment more with electronic synthesizers. Tiesto became very popular in the 1990’s and 2000’s with Trance music. In 2010 Deadmau5 became very popular by using synthesizers and melodies in a way that had not been done before. Along with taking visuals at live concerts to the to the next level in a 3d cube to say the least.

EDM Songs

EDM songs became popular in the late 1990’s. House music was a popular genre to dance to in the nightclubs. Eventually people wanted faster house music with a synthesizer beat and thus trance music was created.

EDM Concerts

Today people pay hundreds and thousands to see their favorite EDM artist live. Many argue over their favorite Top 100 DJs every year. Deadmau5 became famous for taking live performances to the next level in 2010. Ever since then edm concert stages have been bigger, brighter, louder, and better.

To be continued…

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