‘808’, An Electronic Music History Documentary

808 the movie


In 1980 a new sound was born. It revolutionized electronic dance music, and was the start of a new beginning. The music it inspired is now known today as, EDM.

‘808’, is An Electronic Music History Documentary, The movieย 808 takes a look at the history of the Roland 808 drum machine, and also interviews some of the earliest and most influential producers in the world.

The Roland TR-808 is one of the most distinct, influential and beloved instruments of the early Eighties, with the electronic rhythm composer used by everyone from Talking Headsย and Afrika Bambaataa to Marvin Gayeย and the Beastie Boys. Even Kanye Westย devoted an album titleย to the instrument’s unmistakable sound. In 2015, the story behind the landmark machine will hit theatres thanks to 808, a documentary that focuses on the Roland TR-808 and itsย cult following, and Rolling Stone has your first look at the film’s trailer.

-Rolling Stone


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