Kozoro Releases ‘i miss you’ Chill EDM Song

Kozoro has just releases some new music, specifically a chill out electronic song called ‘i miss you’. ‘i miss you’Β  begins with a chill piano and fast snappy percussion. Soon a down tempo drum beat fades in and then begins to build up faster to an eargasm climax of new melodies, synths, soundscapes and vocal […]

Meet The Worlds First Sex Robot, Harmony.

Are you super anti social? Or maybe you are just sick of your girlfriends drama? Ladies maybe you are sick of your man? The male sex robots are not far away. Meet The Worlds First Sex Robot, Harmony. Her current price is $15,000.00 but is sure to come down in the near future. Dont like […]

UK’s Youngest Double Murders, Killers at 14

Kim Edwards and Lucas Markham photo from Facebook. Monday, April 11. Fourteen year old Lucas Markham begins walking to his girlfriends house of Kim Edwards. Kim’s house was located in a small market town of Spalding, Lincolnshire. In Lucas’s backpack he had a black T-shirt rolled up with four kitchen knifes inside. When he arrived […]

Can Businesses Refuse to Serve Cops?

A Recent Dunkin’ Donuts worker has been accused of refusing to serve New York Police officers. A pair of NYPD officers were denied service at a Brooklyn Dunkin’ Donuts by a clerk who said, β€œI don’t serve cops” β€” and the head of the detectives union is leading a boycott of the chain, The Post […]