10 Best Tips For Your Next EDM Festival

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My first EDM Festival was Ultra Music Festival in 2008 in Miami, Florida.

Since then I have been to many more, A lot of time has passed since then and with all the festivals I have been to in my time I have learned a lot. A lot. Not just about electronic dance music, But about EDM festivals too.

For EDM veterans who often go to festivals, you may already be doing some of the things on this list, if not here’s a good refresher guide.

The biggest thing that has changed other than the rise of deaths at EDM festivals, is that the way EDM festivals operated in 2008 is much different than the way they do today. While EDM festivals are relatively much safer these days, there is still many ways a day can go wrong.

There have been some EDM beginner guide’s written before on EDM festivals, but this is the ultimate guide as this list has more realistic information, along with tips that can save your life at your next EDM festival. If i forgot something feel free to add your thoughts in the comments section below.

Lets take a look at the top 10 best tips and ways to help keep you happy, alive, and healthy for your next EDM festival, and many more EDM festivals in the future.

10. Stay With Your EDM Family

Tired Of Loosing Your EDM Family & Friends At EDM Festivals?

Loosing your friends in the middle of an epic EDM festival sucks, Maybe your only showing up with two or three other friends, but this is still your EDM family for the day. Its smart to always have an emergency meet up location, no matter if it’s by a certain food stand or unique tree. Make it a unique location, make it your emergency spot in case your lost and cannot get cellphone coverage to call or text your friends and let them know your ok. Or just look for an EDM drone to help you find your friends.

9. Bring A Backpack (Pack Light)

2014 edm fan stats

Walking around like butterfingers and searching through your pockets is annoying, plus your limited to carrying your phone, wallet and keys maximum. Keep everything consolidated in a backpack, it will help you keep track of your things much easier. Another option is you can also keep like four of your friends things in your backpack to travel light. Then take turns carrying it. Or maybe all four of you take your own backpack’s, figure it out and discuss it beforehand.

Items you will want to bring in your backpack to your next EDM festival will be things like:

  • Water, and bring some fresh lemons to squeeze into your water, its super healthy with many health benefits like giving you more energy, and also very refreshing.
  • Debit card
  • Cash
  • Your ID
  • Sunscreen
  • Earplugs, Most DJs wear them during their set, why cant you? you’d be surprised how loud shit can get.
  • Gum, yes there is only one real reason for this. We all know. if you don’t, ask a friend.
  • Baby wipes, Yes.
  • Toothbrush, of course.
  • Change of clothes, because you never know.
  • Phone Charger, duh.
  • Quality Snacks, Beef Jerky is a personal favorite.

8. Dont Start Drama


Dont start drama, no one likes it and its just creates negative energy. PLUR. Everyone came to listen to EDM, be chill, or go home. Like Kayne said, Go smoke something to ‘knock the edge off’.

Y’all might be thinking right now, ‘I wonder did he smoke something before he came out here?’ And the answer is yes, I rolled up a little something, I knocked the edge off.

Kayne West


7. Get Enough Sleep The Day Before


The next 24-48 hours for you is going to be exhilarating, and with exhilarating comes much needed energy. Be sure to rest up and get lots of sleep the day before as the next 24-48 hours is sure to wreck you. If not, you didn’t party hard enough to have a fun time.

6. Do Your Research

EDM Documentary “Heard But Not Seen”

This one cant help keep you safe, but it will help keep you from looking like an idiot in front of your friends, and even better the entire internet.

Steve Angello Corrects EDM fan Techno

Steve Angello Corrects EDM fan

Dont be that next EDM meme, or better yet an EDM comedy video like the 2013 Coachella fans who lied about LOVING EDM artists and DJs who didnt exist. Then, it happened again. Priceless.

Look up the artists going to the EDM festival, look up which artists you like, or dont, and read about them, listen to their songs, what is their most popular song? Least popular song? Why do you like that particular DJ or artist? If the only reason you like that DJ or EDM artist is because your friend does, then you are lame. Everyone likes different EDM. Find what you like. And just know what you are talking about when you say it. Plain and simple.

5. Eat Before You Go


A few times before festivals, I have found myself getting ‘something fast’ before I get to the festival. This is a mistake. It’s best to get a solid meal in your stomach because the food at the festival will force you to wait in long lines, not be that healthy, and also be more expensive for less quality, Usually.

But over the years festivals have been getting better about their food, and wait lines, not only for food but also for bathrooms. To play it safe, it’s best to just eat somewhere you like before going to the festival, bottom line, Don’t rely on festival food.

4. Dont Get Belligerently Wasted

Blue Lagoon Hangover Party

This is primarily for for those who are drinking underage, getting in with fake IDs at festivals.

Do I have a 12 pack of Stella Artois at home in my fridge, yes, does it mean I’m going to go and drink all 12 right when I get home? No.

Control yourself.

The same goes for EDM festivals, yes they may have enough beer to fill a dump truck, maybe 20 more, but that doesn’t mean you should attempt to drink all 21 truckload’s. Control yourself. Drink a few beers, get a buzz, then go enjoy some EDM and dance! Isn’t that what you came here for in the first place?

3. Be Aware

With super loud music being played, and 1 of your 5 senses being temporally disabled due to the loud music, it is very important to always be awake and alert of whats going on around you. This means always be alert for falling stages, flying bows, and other random things that can put you in danger.

2. Test Your Drugs With A Drug Test Kit

The main inspiration for this article, was to save people’s lives, and also help people have a better time at their next festival.

I understand not everyone at EDM festivals does drugs, but some do. For those who do drugs, be as safe and responsible as possible, and please stay hydrated!

We should not shun them and treat people who do drugs like outcast’s. If you did not buy a drug test kit online to test your drugs at home beforehand, then there should be a DanceSafe tent nearby at the festival for you to go and test.

The problem is that lately many EDM festivals have been shutting DanceSafe tents down. There’s no doubt that there should be more DanceSafe Tents At EDM Festivals.

This is a new world, Where American Police have finely learned that arresting everyone doing drugs doesn’t work. Many of our sister and brother European countries have already been doing this, but it’s time for America to catch up.

DanceSafe has been around for a while helping people test their drugs at EDM festival’s safely to find out if its some dirt that can kill the user, or if it’s the real deal. There are other places to buy drug test kits. A simple Google search will display a wide variety of options. My parents always told me if your going to do something, do it right, looks like drugs are no exception.

Of course EDM festivals should be stepping up and welcoming the non profit helpful organizations like DanceSafe, But instead the thought of a DanceSafe tent at their festival makes them quiver in their boots.

1. Responsibility & Staying Hydrated

CamelBak Water backpack for EDM festivals

Obviously responsibility is the #1 thing to keep you alive at your next EDM festival.

But other than that, the #1 reason for the rise in deaths at EDM festivals has been from a combination of things, like

  • Overdoses,
  • Drinking too much alcohol
  • Staying dehydrated

Water fixes 2/3. Too much alcohol and dehydration.

The human body contains about 60 percent water. Water regulates our body temperature, moves nutrients through our cells, keeps our mucous membranes moist and flushes waste from our bodies. If your body is not hydrated your body cannot do any of these things.

  1. Regulate body temperature.
  2. Move nutrients through your bodies cells.
  3. Keeps mucous membranes moist.
  4. Flushe waste and containment outs.

Without these 4 key things happening, You could very well be close to death, especially while trying to dance and party in the middle of a hot summer day. You know whats even better on top of that? We mentioned it above earlier, and you were probably wondering wtf?

Water with lemon.

Add about 10 drops from a REAL lemon into your water bottle. And see the difference in how you feel. The benefits of adding lemon into your water is endless! Its a fact. Our lungs are 90 percent water, our brains are 70 percent water and our blood is more than 80 percent water. (Source)

Water is life.

No water in the human body is like driving your car with no oil in it, Eventually your car engine will blow up.

You could even go so far as to get a Camelbak water backpack. They range from about $50-$100, and having instant water right at your fingertips at a festival is priceless.

When you see some one wearing one at the festival, your going to ask yourself “why didn’t I think of that?”.

That about sums it up for the best tips for attending your next EDM festival safely and having the most fun. I hope that these tips will help you enjoy the music more when you are at the festival and also help you get better prepared.

Again this is just a list to help guide you and get prepared for your next big festival. Happy raving fellow EDM family, and stay safe!

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