10 Tips For Getting Signed To A Big EDM Label



With more edm producers than ever making music online, how do you stand out from the rest and get signed to an EDM Label?

Well we covered a majority of this in Part 1: How to get signed on a Major EDM Label: With A Proper Music Promo Email.

Now we are moving on to help you with 10 Tips For Getting Signed To an EDM Label.

EDM Label

EDM Label

10. Sometimes an EDM Label is not even looking for new talent or producers

Can you believe that? Many labels are not actively looking for new talent. This is common with the big record labels since they are already making a big profit on the big acts they have, so they are not too focused on listening to your music or trying to help you make it to the top of the music industry.

9. If the EDM Label is looking for new talent, send them music they like

if you make Trance songs, then research the ‘best trance labels’ online that you can find. Dont send it to a dubstep label.

8. The EDM Label is very busy and might not even see your submission

Many time if the big labels are checking for new talent, they may not even see your song submission with the other 9425 emails. Also keep in mind big labels usually look for the next big upcoming artist on Youtube getting hundreds of thousands of real plays overnight.

7. Getting signed is not the problem, getting noticed is

As we said in #8 above, the big labels are usually looking for the next big trending hit on websites liked EDM RANKS and Soundcloud.

6. You need good edm promotion

With all the noise in the air today, it’s harder than ever to get recognized. Having a good online presence always helps, whether this is with EDM news articles, a good EDM chart ranking, or support from other top EDM DJs.

5. The EDM Label prefers to sign their edm producer friends, so your music better be better

A bit of a tongue twiter there, sorry about that one. But it’s true. Why sign a random person, when you can sign your best friend? This is more common in the industry than you think.

4. The EDM Label does not care about your life story

If a label likes your music they really dont care about your life story, maybe later on for marketing purposes they will ask you about that, but thats again only for marketing purposes and to get more song sales. Dont make things awkward and start talking about yourself and your life story.

3. Dont send an EDM Label attachments, or BCC Emails

Make your email personal, dont BCC or CC other record labels. This is just not professional and shows you are spamming. Also dont send attachments we all know everyone hates opening attachments. Just send links.

2. Dont send an EDM label your WIP (work in progress)

Dont send an EDM label your work in progress, or your new incomplete edm song. This is really annoying for them and will result in a deleted email before its even opened or heard.

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