15 Best EDM Songs from 2015

15 Best EDM Songs from 2015


Electronic dance music is the fastest and newest growing trend for music the last 5 years, And its not slowing down anytime soon. But where is the best EDM at?

Lets take a look at some electronic dance music artists and DJ’s in 2015 who had some really awesome songs that will make you click replay asking for more. We wont mention much about the songs, as we will leave it up to you to fill in the blanks by listening for yourself.

15. Ranec – Solstice

Ranec’s Solstice has an uplifting melody taking you on a ride form start to stop, featuring awesome vocals from Daniyal Malik.

14. Next – Midna’s Dream

Midna’s Dream is an awesome progressive house song that is full of dreamy melodies and blissful synths. You could even say the song sounds like it has a bit of Deadmau5 style in it. We wouldn’t argue with it. Who doesn’t love Deadmau5?

Let Midna’s Dream take you on a soothing journey of uplifting melodies and groovy sounds.

13. Part Native – Stay

Two friends from Florida who have a very bright music career ahead of them.

Part Native knows how to produce fire electronic dance music, and their sick dubstep songs will leave you clicking replay feeling like you need to take a shower its so filthy and dirty.

11. Kaido – For You

Kaido has some amazing drum and bass.

Dont forget to check out this uplifting and soothing drum and bass that will make you feel all warm, silky, and happy inside.

12. Esquadra – Dont Tell Me Who I Am

If you are a house head or love techno and minimal then Esquadra is for you. These guys make excellent music with awesome grooves and rhythm.

10. Sleepy Tom – I Want Your Soul (Remix)

Sleepy Tom nailed this remix.

The original song comes from Armand Van Helden – I Want Your Soul and makes the already awesome original even better, adding some extra nightclub flavor for you.


9. Stimming – 4d Set

A top house music and minimal producer, Stimming has been dropping fire since 2008 with his hit Melodica.

8. Fox Kieran – Mercury (EP)

Fox Kieran might be one of the best underground Trance artists at the moment. This entire EP is full of epic Trance songs that will make you click replay asking for more. Filled with high energy and future soothing synths the Mercury EP is definitely a must listen to.

7. Mick Schultz – Not My Day (Remix)

Mick Schultz has been known for his hip hop hit like Jeremih – Birthday Sex and more. But thats not all he has up his sleeve, Dropping this Remix of “Not My Day” by Keith James. The jazzy trumpet in this will make you feel so happy that you would think you can fly. Warning, Humans cannot fly, unless you have a plane ticket to board a 747 aircraft.

6. Part Native – Venture

Yes, they made the list twice. Those dudes Part Native truly produce some excellent songs.

5. Spada – Sun Sun Sun

If you play this song while at a drive thru, it will also start making all the fast food people inside dance. At least, that’s what happened to us while playing Spada’s Sun Sun Sun in the car.

4. KAASI – Let It Out (Remix)

KAASI takes a more deep approach with this Let It Out  remix, and what a beautiful job it ended up being. Very creative.

3. Pang – Touch

A top favorite here at the office, There’s just something about this song that makes it feel so right.

The beautiful piano make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside, while the uplifting melody and deep dark vocals make you feel content.

2. Anevo – Hello (Remix)

By far one of the best remixes of the year for Adele’s “Hello”.

Anevo killed this remix by adding such a unique and creative twist to the original, and also speeding up the BPM’s a little bit.

1. Kyau & Albert – One

Kyau and Albert are known to be one of the earliest Trance masterminds on the scene. Having produced many Trance hits in their career they haven’t stopped yet. One is an amazing vocal trance song that will captivate your ears, and mind, and take you away.

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