2 Chainz Tests Out Worlds Best $30K Headphones?


In 2014 GQ Magazine did a special for ‘Most Expensivest S***’ with 2 Chainz featuring a pair of headphones from the early 1990s.

Known for being one of the worlds top headphones manufacturer, Sennheiser made the Orpheus HE90. Only 300 were made then, and today the epic headset will run you a cool $30,000 which is almost double the cost from when they first came out in 1991.

Sennheiser is back to build the worlds best headphones, Improving upon last model the new headphones will have a small price increase of €50,000 (about $55,000). Just kidding, that’s no small price increase.

The headphones have eight digital-to-analog converters and, Sennheiser will be pumping out at least 250 of these headphones every year. What do you think? Are these headphones worth the money?


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