21 Lying EDM Fans Pretend They Know Who Fake DJs Are


Most people listen to electronic dance music because they have a genuine love for the music. Others, Just follow along with the rest of the EDM crowd like sheep having no clue about EDM artists, EDM festivals, or EDM in general.

Given there will always be some new EDM artist at an EDM festival that has never been heard of before. Jimmy Kimmel took advantage of this in 2013, Where he wandered around the epic EDM festival Coachella 2013 asking people if they ever heard of, Or liked completely made up and ridiculous EDM artist names. The results were priceless.

Flash forward to 2015, And two motivated youtubers decided to do their own EDM prank at Laneway Festival in Singapore, titled “Project Lameway 2015″. This video, once again proves that EDM fans are still scared to say they havnt heard of underground EDM artists.

Watch how these 21 EDM fans get interview and asked about EDM artists that dont exist, Such as if they listen to Forrest Gump, and which songs?

21 Lying EDM Fans Pretend They Know Who Fake DJs Are

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