Jumpstart Your Creativity With These 21 MIDI File Melodies


Want to make a new song but stuck with writers block?

Maybe seeing another famous song by your favorite Top 100 DJs in another daw can solve the writers block?

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A common music production method that many music produces use is to change notes from other melodies.

It is recommended that you have REFX nexus, XFER Serum, Sylenth1, and the Massive synth.

If you do not have these audio plugins the world is not over. you can use other vst audio plugins as replacements to get a similar effect.

Download The MIDI Files Below

  1. Calvin-Harris-Not-Alone-Deadmau5-Remix-EDM RANKS
  2. Deadmau5_-_GhostsnStuff EDM RANKS
  3. Deadmau5_-_HR_8938_Cephei__EDM RANKS
  4. Deadmau5_-_Jaded__EDM RANKS
  5. Deadmau5_-_RaiseYourWeapon EDM RANKS
  6. Deadmau5_-_Strobeversion4__EDM RANKS
  7. Deadmau5_-_Strobeversion5__EDM RANKS
  8. Deadmau5_-_Where_My_Keys EDM RANKS
  9. Deadmau5-Phantoms-Cant-Hang EDM RANKS
  10. Deadmau5-Some-Chords-EDM RANKS
  11. deadmau5-Superliminal-EDM RANKS
  12. Delerium-ft-Sarah-McLachlan-Silence-Tiesto-In-Search-of-Sunrise-Remix-EDMRANKS.com
  13. Delerium-Silence-Tiesto-Remix-EDM RANKS.com
  14. Tiesto – Urban Train__EDMRANKS.com
  15. Tiesto-Nyana-EDMRANKS.com
  16. Deadmau5_-_AuralPsynapse__EDM RANKS
  17. Deadmau5_-_Arguru__EDM RANKS
  18. Deadmau5_-_AloneWithYou__EDM RANKS
  19. Tiesto-WolfgangGartner_-_EDM RANKS.com
  20. Deadmau5_-_Faxing_Berlin_EDM RANKS
  21. Deadmau5_-_FML__EDM RANKS

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