3 Reasons Why Tomorrowland 2015 Was A Joke

3 Reasons Why Tomorrowland 2015 Was A Joke


If you didnt notice, EDM Ranks didn’t blog or write news on the Tomorrowland 2015 EDM festival, or the festival live stream this past weekend, Why?

With all the eyeballs watching and attending the Tomorrowland 2015 festival there definitely should have been more emphasis on real electronic dance music.

Looks like David Guetta and Steve Aoki were on a mission to out-douche each other at Tomorrowland.

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3. David Guetta Plays Children’s Nursery Rhyme?

If you didnt watch, you missed out on David Guetta’s new If your happy and you know it clap your hands EDM song. I dont know how it can get any worse. Like, what? not to mention another famous DJ did the same thing!

As you watch this video, you will see for yourself that the crowd is not really for it, mindlessly standing there waiting for a better EDM song to play so they can go back to dancing/partying.

2. Steve Aoki Drops Titanic Theme?

Steve Aoki dropped Celine Dion’s ‘My Heart Will Go On’, The theme for the movie Titanic, but added in an EDM drop to play at the behemoth mega EDM festival in Belgium.

Steve Aoki plays Celine Dion’s ‘My Heart Will Go On’. Of course he put a drop on it… as well as asking fans to do a Titanic-style pose. wtf? Never in my life would I.

1. Play Better Electronic Music!

If I was paying hundreds of dollars for a ticket to listen to electronic dance music live, (Thousands of dollars for visitors worldwide, Total cost for Tomorrowland = €1,745 or $2,069) I would want to hear some of the best freaking electronic music in the world at the exact moment in time. Some music I have never heard before, some unique EDM, some unreleased EDM, brand new shit, the next trending genre, something, anything except some shit I have already heard played on the radio a million times, or even worse a nursery rhyme from when I was a child in grade school. Not cool bro-skeet. Dont fuck with my electronic music.

The Best EDM, The Worst EDM?

If I go to one of the worlds BEST EDM festivals to hear the worlds best DJs producers, and EDM artists, I want to hear the BEST EDM from those Top 100 artists at the festival. underground or mainstream.

Not a nursery rhyme I learned and heard when I was a child in kindergarten. Come on, really?

For a main stage EDM DJ at the worlds top EDM festivals to start playing a kindergarten nursery rhyme song, That is the day EDM has gone mainstream.

What has happened to electronic music? This is a joke.

The music I use to listen to back in high school and everyone thought i was gay, or weird is now being turned into nursery rhymes that people dance too. Has anyone ever seen the movie Idiocracy? For those who haven’t, bless your soul, the movie is about an average guy who is involved in a military experiment that will only last for 1 year to see if the new technology works, something happens and he ends up being frozen in a cryogenic box for 500 years, When he comes out the entire world has gone to shit, everyone is stupid as a rock, making him the smartest person on earth. Great movie. Moving on..

At least when deadmau5 mocked some EDM songs it was actually funny:

Deadmau5 Trolls Ultra Music 2014 with Animals

Watch Deadmau5 Troll Ultra Music 2014 with Martin Garrix’s song Animals. And I wont lie, not only was this very clever, but it was actually funny, and groovy! Did I just say groovy? Yes, maybe because Deadmau5 actually picked a nursery rhyme everyone liked growing up. For the most part. The Old Mcdonald had a farm Nursery Rhyme.

But David Guetta and Steve Aoki were dead serious here. It reminds me of something like this from Saturday Night Live’s EDM comedy.

The Good EDM SH*T.

I dont see anyone booking Flying Lotus at Tomorrowland. Id much rather see some one like Krayzie Bone jump out on the stage and rap an EPIC rap at Tomorrowrland. 

Or some underground producers, Like these two Florida friend/producers, Part Native.

This song kills. Literally. Click play and let it rip you to pieces, then put you back together.

I dont see anyone booking Part Native at Tomorrowland yet. In my opinion, they have far more skills than many of the DJs playing at Tomorrowland 2015.

But the crowd doesn’t get any of this.

Instead, Tomorrowland 2015 festival goers in my opinion get a narcissistic DJ David Guetta to play if your happy and you know it clap your hands house song. With him being serious about it too. Real funny David Guetta. Not. Yet he does have us and the rest of the EDM news media and press talking about him. So this is how he got famous, huh? From negative publicity and some positive publicity?


When will Stimming headline Tomorrowland? Or some of these Top 100 EDM Artists? What happens next, Will Soundcloud die? Is EDM Dead?

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