5 Things To Avoid If You Want People To Hear The Music You Produce


According to an article published by the CNN, the global EDM industry is valued at an excess of six billion dollars. Many upcoming musicians and producers today run for a piece of the action yet you would have noticed that everyone who produces music does not make it, let alone make it big.

5 Things To Avoid If You Want People To Hear The Music

So what’s the deal here? Is there a simple formula you can follow to achieve musical success? It is probably important to those of you producing to have your music heard by others for starters. Is there any way you can make sure people listen to your music?

5 things to avoid if you Want People to Hear Music you Produce

When it comes to production, we won’t limit you by telling you there’s a right way to do things. What we can however tell you is that there are things that will definitely slow you down and get in the way of your music being heard! Here are ten of them.


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Sure you want to make sure your music is worth listening to but who’s to gauge really? Artists who work with paint and canvas are often advised to get up and move away from their work coming back to it later to look at it with fresh eyes.

When it comes to your music, spending long hours trying to get the perfect sound is all well and good until it isn’t. If you find you’ve spent months trying to get the perfect sound by your personal yardstick to no avail yet have heard praise from others, maybe put that imperfect sound out and see what people think!

8-Bar Traps

8-bar loops are an easy, fun and attractive prospect for amateur music producers. Though the notion is that having your loops on the ready will facilitate the music making process, chances are you’ll only waste time because the likelihood is as your skills improve, your backup loops will become redundant.

It’s better to focus on one complete piece than on making 10 layouts!

Ignoring All Criticism

Sure there are folks who like to chime in with their two cents weather they know what’s up or not. At the same time there are others who know what they’re talking about. Try to decipher between the good and rubbish advice. Also remember, good advice might come from someone who does not produce EDM music but is well versed in EDM and other related genres. Don’t discount this!

Take the criticism you receive into account and work to improve on your growing edges where it is valid.

Treating your Music as Just a Hobby

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If you’re looking to put out some serious work, you’re going to need to look at your production as more than just a hobby. This is not to say you become all business and kill your love for production all together. This is just saying that it helps to add an element of seriousness to the way you approach your work and work space.

Have fun doing your thing but at the same time, set goals, connect with potential patrons and make the effort to put your work out. Don’t slack!

Waiting for a Label

Musicians and producers may sometimes hold up on putting work out until they are picked up by a record company or label. Bad idea! You never know when you might catch the attention of a major label so why keep your music hidden in the meantime?

Put your work out and if you find an avenue where you can sell it go for it! The label is secondary. The first thing is connecting with those who support you and giving them the music they’ve been waiting for!

The Upshot

There are dozens of other things that may get in the way of your music being heard which we might go over another time. The five things listed however are really crippling so avoid them and you should be okay!

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