5 Ways EDM Producers Can Maximize Their Time

5 Ways EDM Producers Can Maximize Their Time


With all the distractions today in the world like Donald Trump, or Brett Kavanaugh it can be hard for EDM producers to stay focused on what really matters.

Like making good music, So we have put together the list of top 5 ways edm producers can maximize their time. Why make the best of my time? Well because wasted time is, wasted! Who wants to waste time? Especially when time is money.

Below are the 5 Ways EDM Producers Can Maximize their time when producing edm songs.

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Some Problems EDM Producers Have…

But which one do you pick? Are you getting confused, Dont know which one’s to focus on? You are not the only one.

5 Ways EDM Producers Can Maximize Their Time

5 Ways EDM Producers Can Maximize Their Time

You are going to feel much better at the end of this article once you know the real tricks to focus on. This is a common problem today for many EDM producers and believe it or not the answer is very simple. Time after time we hear the same problems from artists and DJs.

In this quick EDM producer tip tutorial we are going to solve the two biggest problems producers have today.

The two biggest problems for an EDM producer today is:

  1. There’s too much too do
  2. Not learning how to focus your resources. (Feeling like your not making progress fast enough, feeling stuck?)

1. Trying To Do Everything


Stop trying to do everything.

If you have already made great music, recorded your vocals, or have perfected your DJing skills you are almost there.

Now you must figure out a way to get it out to the world, and do it efficiently.

If I had four hours to chop down a tree, I’d spend the first two hours sharpening the axe

Abraham Lincoln


The message here is that you should spend more time working on an intelligent well thought out game plan than just doing brute force work that may not even help your music or career.

The problem with trying to do everything is that not only does it take up a lot of your time, chances are its not helping the growth of your career.

Let me explain, The new age DIY revolution has us all thinking we need to do be doing everything, all the time. When in reality we as artists only need to be focused on one thing, making great music and pushing it out to the world for everyone to hear, and sometimes you don’t even need to try and push your music out to the world.

Sometimes the best music marketing is just to focus on making great music

EDM Ranks


Good music speaks for itself.

This will allow you to focus specifically on making the best music you can.

Other times once the music is completed you can take a break from creating music and switch to promoting your music.

Routines are good, but be careful that it doesn’t kill your creativity.

If you are spending your time doing many different things the chances are you are not that great at any of them.

Taking small tiny steps in different various directions is the best way to describe that. It’s like scatter brain. And it’s not good for your music career. Rid this thinking/habit as fast as you can if you find yourself constantly multi tasking on different things.

You might be thinking how can I get everything done like music marketing, PR (Public relations), getting on EDM news website and more?

Easy, you focus on the things that matter the most.

It’s called the 80-20 rule. We will get to that below.

 2. Focus On What Matters

Learn To Do Less-80-20-Rule

The answer is simple. You do less.

You do less things and focus on getting really good at the things that really matter.

Focus your time on fewer task’s, and get REALLY good at them. If you are a singer focus on singing and finding beats to sing on from other artists. If you are and EDM artist or producer then producing the best electronic music should always be your #1 goal. If you are doing many different things the chances are your never going to be putting in enough effort to fully reach your goals and become good at it.

It’s best to save your energy for the things that matter, and focus on the important things like music production and correct music marketing online.

Some of the problems can be simple things like changing the time of day you make your social media posts when people have the time to see it and listen.

Sometimes a simple trick such as changing your genre tag from electronic to alternative can get a whole bunch of new people listening to your music. Computer algorithm’s are very intelligent these days, analyzing all the music people listen too and sorting it by plays, popularity and much more.

3. The 80-20 Rule for EDM Producers

top secret

What is the 80-20 rule? The 80-20 rule states that 20% what you do, can return 80% of the results. It was a statistical analysis by an Italian economist named Vilfredo Pareto. Aka the Pareto principle.

It is a common rule of thumb in business that 80% of your sales come from 20% of your clients.


As this may not be true for everything, it is a very interesting rule to remember.

So basically 80% of your outcomes can be attributed to 20% of your actions.

This means if you spend 20% of your time doing the things that matter the most, you will see an 80% return from it.

To be successful it’s not about doing a million different things and hoping they work out. It’s about knowing where you want to go and focusing your attention in the specific areas you need to be focusing on, and rejecting the other distractions along the way. Focus, Focus, Focus.

So where to begin? This will vary for everyone but the first step is to identify your main goal, what do you want to accomplish? Then take consistent steps everyday to make your goal become reality.


A good place to start would be online, But also lets not forget about being offline it still very important today!

Dont take it from us, Deadmau5 said it himself, check it out in the article below in how Deadmau5 Talks about getting “offline” and building human relationships with people in the music industry is the new way to make it.

4. EDM Producers Must Build Your Followers & Brand Online

Instagram Blocks #EDM

With 12+ huge social networks around it can be hard to know which one to focus on. But the answer is actually pretty simple.

Target the social networks with either the most audience, or anything related to your niche.

A good start would be to begin reaching out on Facebook and Twitter. Look up popular EDM news websites and submit your music to them for a chance at getting your music heard.

If you travel a lot, Instagram or Snap chat is another great addition. Focus on these social networks as they have millions of users, Facebook is the only exception with about 1.4 Billion users.

Some artists and DJs might have just created a Twitter profile and want to get 1,000 Twitter followers, or for a user who has been on Twitter for a year or so maybe your goal is to get 10,000 twitter followers.

But how to do this?

Your second most important goal is to prioritize music marketing plan the best way possible. This means reaching your targeted audience, and if you dont know who your audience is then you should begin to build a character profile of your typical fan asap. Are your fans in the 14-18 years old range? or are they in the 19-26 range?

For help with this we will rely on a few Google searches.

You would want to search Google for something like “Best Twitter Tools” or “Twitter Management tools”. You will come across a vast amount of helpful links from Google. A favorite Twitter tool of we see artists using is Manage Flitter. No we are not affiliated with those companies, and we do not make money on you signing up at those websites.

The free versions work great but they limit your reach. Use the free versions until you get familiar with the tools then you can upgrade and pay for the premium features later if you need them. Marketing tools like these are great to start building your fan base as a musician.

This may not get you booked at nightclubs immediately, but it can definitely increase your brand and presence online so that your chances are heavily increased for that opportunity to come knocking on your door.

This is just one of the things you can be spending your 20% on.

If money is your goal you will never make it. Money is a by product of something extraordinary or great someone has done.

This guide to music marketing is just some an example of how to get your focused mindset, We hope you take these ideas and expand on them for yourself.

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Last but not least..

5. Eliminate Wasted Time

The next important step would be to analyze the small tasks you’re doing every day that are taking you off focus and start cutting them out. What tasks aren’t bring you closer to making your goals reality?


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