7 Best Tips On How to Create A Unique Signature EDM Sound

7 Best Tips On How to Create A Unique Signature EDM Sound


You’re hear a song playing on the radio or in the club and you think to yourself, “This song has to be by..”. Theres something you recognize in the song that you are hearing and you think to yourself, This must be made by.. “xxx”

First things first, underground producers or underground EDM artists you will want to choose the best DAW(Digital Audio Work station) to produce your music. Now Lets take a look at some ideas that can help you produce a unique signature electronic dance music sound.

1. Use Good Quality Samples

There is nothing wrong with using the same samples in multiple projects once you find some you like, Unless every single one of your songs begins to sound the same. You should always have a custom folder where you keep your favorite/best samples. If the samples dont fit the song, change them a bit.

2. Use The Same Song Arrangement

A lot of producers use the same arrangement in most of their productions. Study John Dahlbacks tracks for example and you’ll find he uses similar song arrangements in most of his songs.

3. Use The Same VST Synthesizers & Plugins

This of course is the most obvious one, everybody recognizes Afrojack’s bleeps, Deadmau5 melodies, and Hardwell’s rough saws.

There are many Free VST plugins to choose from, Once you find a VST synth and effect plugins you like there is nothing wrong with using the same ones over and over.

4. Watch Production Videos

You can learn a vast amount of information watching the interviews and ‘In the studio’ videos that come with Future Music Magazine. Watching a top professional DJ/Producer produce can be the best resource for learning and information.

5. Mastering & Mixing

This one only applies to the geeks of us (yes you, you wouldn’t be spending your time on production blogs if you aren’t one). Most producers are doing their own mixdowns, as a result, there are large variations in mixdowns. For example: the loudness, the amount of distortion, the level of compression, the depth and space in a track.

6. Finish Your Songs

The importance on creating a unique signature sound also comes from finishing songs. It is only when you finish a song that you realize what you want did or didnt like, So next time you are one step closer to producing a better song the next time.

This is hardest at first, but breeds the best producers. You will face many problems and challenges along the way that will force you to find a work around or learn something new.

7. Produce Music You Feel Sounds The Best

Do you think Skrillex was asking what people what they thought about dubstep in 2007 when he was producing it? No he just made it. Turns out in 2008 people LOVED DUBSTEP and couldnt get enough of it, Guess who was sitting on the sidelines with a bunch of completed dubstep music waiting to be heard? Skrillex.

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