7 Ways You Can Make EDM Better


EDM is now the biggest and fastest growing music, just check out this EDM statistic info graphic below from Google.


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While there is no doubt EDM has exploded into being one of the worlds most popular types of music, and fastest growing, What if we said we could help make EDM even better?

Below is a list of the Top 7 ways you as an EDM fan can make EDM better. The tips below will explain how important it is to like, subscribe and retweet your favorite EDM artist to show them support, along with many other essential rules to follow if you are a true electronic dance music advocate.

7. Dont Spell EDM ‘EDM Music’


EDM means electronic dance music. The M in EDM = Music, so there is no need to add another ‘music’ on the end.

It just doesn’t make sense, and it looks weird, especially because EDM is really a type of category for many more types of genres of electronic dance music. So yes, you can say you listen to ‘EDM’ as a category of music, but to say you listen to EDM music, you should not.

Just EDM. No more, no less. Or you can also just specify the type of EDM genre you like:

But as you can see, the list of EDM genres is pretty long, But these are the primary genres of EDM.

6. Promote your favorite EDM Artists & DJs


Simple likes for Facebook and Re tweets for Twitter mean a lot to your favorite EDM artists. You can take it to the next level by also adding comments to their posts, positive ones like, Great work! etc, etc.. and even telling your friends and family about the new EDM artists and DJs you are listening to at the moment.

5. Buy songs from your favorite EDM Artists

Buy Songs, Buy Tickets

Since the internet has killed song sales the past decade with bootlegging, torrents and free song download websites its never been harder for EDM artists to sell songs. If you find yourself listening to a pirated version of an EDM artist’s music you love, or even just listening to a single over and over on YouTube, do them a favor and go buy the album or song. They really appreciate it, and it also helps inspire them to create more material in the future for you to enjoy.

4. Buy tickets to see your favorite EDM Artists

7 Ways You Can Make EDM Better

Supporting your favorite DJs and producers is awesome, but one of the biggest ways to support your favorite EDM artist is by purchasing a ticket to see them perform live.

3. Subscribe and like their social media websites

Subscribe and like their social media websites

Something as simple as a like, re tweet or YouTube subscription means a lot as well. As this keeps you a fan for life for that artist, assuming you dont unfollow or unsubscribe.

2. Support Organizations Like Dance Safe & Amend the RAVE Act!

Amend the RAVE Act!

People will do drugs regardless of laws, And we have mentioned Dance Safe before many times before in our other articles.

Lets change the Rave act is a website ran by a mother (Dede Goldsmith) whose daughter (Shelley) had a heat stroke at an electronic dance music festival in Washington D.C. after taking MDMA.

Shelley’s mother Dede, now has a goal to get a petition signed to change an outdated law that currently:

discourages legitimate EDM concert and festival organizers from enacting common sense safety measures to protect their patrons. Providing free water and air-conditioned rooms, and allowing drug education and other harm reduction services inside their events would save lives. Yet many event organizers are afraid that these actions could be seen as encouraging drug use and therefore subject them to criminal prosecution under the RAVE Act.

Amend The Rave Act


And given that Amsterdam provides free water at EDM festivals, signed by Dutch politician mayor Vann der Laan It looks like America has a lot of catching up to do with safety at EDM festivals.

DanceSafe has been around for a while helping people test their drugs at EDM festival’s safely to find out if its some dirt that can kill the user, or if it’s the real deal. They also offer on site peer counseling, health and safety tools (Condoms, water, earplugs) and patrols for events that assist in keeping patrons safe.

For those who forgot to buy drug test kits online to do testing at home beforehand, you can buy them online from Dance Safe, or a simple Google search will display a wide variety of options so you can get it delivered and test at home, this is the preferred option, but obviously extra support from festivals would save lives. Many.

My parents always told me if your going to do something, do it right, looks like drugs are no exception.

Of course EDM festivals should be stepping up and welcoming the non profit helpful organizations like Dance Safe, But instead the thought of a Dance Safe tent at their festival makes them shake in their boots.

1. Do Your Research on EDM Artists


This goes for new and old EDM artists and DJs you find.

Always remember to do your research on your current favorites, and also looking for new ways to explore new electronic dance music and EDM artists in every way you can.

our Top 100 EDM Artists list can also help with this, and Sign in to view more EDM artists.

There is no doubt you will always love your current favorite songs and EDM artists, Unless you listen to it to many times in one day.

But the real joy is about finding more of those songs that you love so much. Songs that lift you up no matter what mood you are in or just make you feel good. Having an awesome list of songs you love is always a great feeling to have because you know you can just look those songs up and get that feel good feeling you wanted.

I hope these tips help you explore new music, Make EDM better as a whole, and also add a few extra dollars into your favorite EDM artists pocket. Especially the up and coming DJs and producers who are still underground. Dont they deserve it?


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