A Letter from the CEO


Welcome to EDM Ranks!

We wanted to create this blog to give a little insight into who we are as a company, Share our thoughts on the Electronic Dance Music (EDM) revolution, and provide you with product & feature updates.

We started EDM Ranks with the intent to build a technically superior EDM platform that would allow emerging artists without huge budgets to share their own Electronic Dance Music songs. We believe that, As the EDM genre continues to grow and become more popular, A superior electronic dance music news/social media website was needed to cater to the huge underground electronic dance music scene. At EDM Ranks we prioritize three things: Seeking out Underground Electronic dance music/artists, Electronic Dance Music News, and of course, EDM Rankings.

Please send through any feedback or ideas you have for us. You’re our customers and we want to grow with you, building what you need as the EDM revolution marches forward.

Many more posts to come, we hope you like EDM Ranks!


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