If You Haven’t Heard of Agrume, You Should Now


Agrume is a Deep House producer originating from La Reunion, we had a chance to interview the young talented producer on his current and future projects.

Featured in Ample Promotion’s #13 EDM episode Agrume produces thoughtful, groovy, and mature music. He is mostly influenced by genres such as Jazz/Fusion and 90s House, his songs are often given a singular warmth and a nostalgic feeling, also probably prompted by his love for old vinyl records. A good example of this is his awesome ‘NAUX – L’Homme de la Roche’ remix below.


Always looking for the proper warm and coated texture, the wise sample and the right bassline, he loves to surprise his listeners with unexpected sounds taken from everyday life. Another great song is his original mix ‘Sunset’.

Despite your hardship in life, Agrume’s song will transport you away to a cozy familiar bliss environment. His vision for producing high quality electronic dance music is just another main driving force which spurs him on to be an outstanding producer.

Agrume Interview

Tell us a little bit about your original mix ‘Sunset’. How did this song come alive?

This song came alive one night. I usually work at night because I feel more productive. I live on a small island in the Indian Ocean named “Reunion Island”. My environment and my feelings for the girl I love helped to produce this one.


What inspired you?

Thinking about my girlfriend. The time I spend everyday watching the sun go down. And my desire to become the artist I would like to become in a nealy future.


How did you get into producing electronic dance music?

I play the piano since I’m a child. But I’m curious. I always wanted to know how a track is made than how to play it. When I discovered DAWs when I was 15, I finally knew my path in life. I produced everything during this period, from EDM to movie soundtrack. I learned a lot. But House music is my favorite.


What is your VST plugin or instrument to use?

Well, my computer isn’t really powerful. So I usually use a Sylenth 1 for pads and plucks, then I freeze it and convert it into an audio sample. For bassdrum I use Punchbox.


What can we expect from you in 2016?

I’m actually working on an album. I think I will make it a free download. It will be a mix of genre I love, house, deep house, trip hop, nu disco.


Any other upcoming producers and artists we should checkout?


Yeah for house music:

  • NAUX: an artist from Lyon, really old school and funky stuff! I absolutely love it!
  • KnR: a duo from Paris, they are producing really mature and quality stuff.-
  • 3 Monkeyzz : A trio which will take you on an amazing trip


and for Techno music check out

  • La Frips : A nice rookie from Lyon. He will clearly become a big name one day.
  • Peter Groskreutz: A german producer who make incredible sound design and dancing minimal stuff
  • Andrey Pushkarev : Russian DJ which make you amazing podcasts and mixtapes!

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