AIO Releases “Reflexion” [VIDEO]


Like many of us I am obsessed with technology, so when it’s combined with music you definitely have my attention.

AIO is not only a live band, they are also a EDM trio. The three members of the band are Feels the keyboardist and guitarist, Jessy the drummer, and Christy the DJ. If there is anything about this EDM Trio it’s that they definitely have a unique style. A unique futuristic style.

Their new song “Reflexion” is an awesome uplifting melodic house song. The music video begins with a man walking down the street as some other people creep up behind him and capture him, taking him away quickly in a car.

The man is taken to a secret location and next some doctors are shown in a laboratory creating something unknown. The doctors seem to be analyzing DNA on touch screen computers and analyzing test results as a catchy melodic dance flute fades in gently. The doctors begin to lay down the captured man on a medical table and inject him with a shot then place a silver mask over his face. It is here “AIO” is born.

AIO definitely has some awesome music and visuals, I cant wait to see what they come up with in the future.

Check out the video to see more.

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