Alminia – Barrel Riders

electro electronic music house producer alminia


If you like Daft Punk, You will enjoy this underground electro house and electronic producer, Alminia.

Electronic music producer Alminia’s ‘Barrell Riders’ is a funky warm electro song that is great to listen to on the go or in the worlds top clubs

Alminia has developed his unique style of electro trash with sometimes electro pop, hard acids synths, acoustic pianos, violins, and vocoded voice’s.

I’m a young producer who is currently looking for a record label. I make electronic music for 10 years, I was being depply inspired by the French touch 1.0 / 2.0. I also work on 3D and make my own album covers, so I worked on the Barrel Riders clip being influenced by two of my favorite movies, Tron and Drive. And I expect to make a sequel to this
in a futur music video, more evolved, with a character.
I think my last three release are the most important work I have done :

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