Ametrine Interview And New Melodic Progressive House Song [EXCLUSIVE]


Producing many different types of electronic dance music, but mostly melodic progressive house music, Ametrine also enjoys making ambient and piano music as well.

Born and raised in New York, He started producing music in the summer of 2012 after he was “ridiculously bored one summer “.

What a blessing for us, as his bored-ness has resulted in bringing many people a natural high and happiness with his beautiful mind bending melodic productions.

We sat down and took a moment to interview Ametrine on many things, one being his latest melodic progressive house song Deacromaic with Trezell Lorenzo, We also talked about Ametrine’s inspiration, favorite music gear, how he started producing electronic dance music and more.

‘Deacromaic’ is a classic, you know.. one of those songs you can listen to over and over hundreds or thousands of times bashing the replay button over and over and it still sounds just as good as when you heard it for the first time.

Tell us a little bit about your new song ‘Deacromaic’ / How did this song come alive?

Trezell Lorenzo asked to collab on a track and I loved his music, so I was really interested in doing it. We were skyping and he played through a few WIPs he was working on and one of them really caught my ear. He sent me the stems for the melodies as well as the drums of what he had done so far. Then I just ran with it and finished the rest of the track.

What inspired you?

I used to listen to a ton of progressive house back around 2008 or so and I fell in love with it. Dinka, Soundprank, Shingo, Mossy, etc, just a few names that come to mind. Still has a major influence on the kind of music I enjoy making today. I’m also heavily inspired by Deadmau5. Part of the reason I make some completely random stuff from time to time.

How did you get into music production?

I was ridiculously bored one summer (2012 actually) and for whatever reason, I decided to download FL with no intention to stick with it. But then I made my first track and was like “dam, this is sick!” Of course it was awful haha, but slowly, I somehow got addicted and it’s still my favorite hobby today.

What DAW did you start with? Whats your favorite DAW today?

I think I started with version 10 of FL. Then FL 11 came out and I hated it, but then I got used to it, and honestly it’s much better than 10. Im Still using FL 11 even though 12 came out. With that said, I feel like many of the top DAWs do most of the same things and it’s more about just getting used to the one you’re using. As well using the one that’s right for your workflow. It’s akin to having a preference for playing a traditional instrument.

Do you have a favorite VST, synth, or music equipment?

Sylenth! For progressive house, I like making all different kinds of plucks. I find that it treats the high end of sounds very, very well by keeping them from getting too strong and ear-piercing. And it’s so light on CPU.Also, Sytrus is an absolute beast for nearly everything else. It does additive, subtractive, and FM synthesis, so it’s kind of an all-in-one plugin. For gear, I’m using MDR7506 headphones and Yamaha HS7 monitors. My room isn’t treated at all though, so I mostly use my headphones. Highly recommended to anyone currently looking for some good ones 🙂 And for a keyboard, I’m using the Alesis Q49. No knobs or faders, just has keys with a pitch and mod wheel. Simple enough for me.

What was your mindset when producing ‘Deacromaic’?

I wanted to make sure I kept to the vibe that Trezell originally had in mind. Tried to make it very melodic, but also something you can groove to. That’s the kind of style I like going for anyway, so I had a great time finishing it. The drums Trezell sent me were pretty much perfect, so it was just a matter of finishing it. I also love using a ton of piano, so I added plenty of that in as well.

Any tips for upcoming artists or producers?

Almost every skill in producing is best learned through repetition. Early on, finish as many tracks as you can! A lot of producers, including myself, have gotten trapped in that dreaded 8 bar loop thing, where you play the same thing over and over trying to fine tune it. But if you make a habit of forcing yourself to finish your stuff from start to finish, you’ll start thinking about music as a whole rather than in small segments. And you’ll break out of the 8 bar loop trap for good.

Why Ametrine?

I wish there was a decent story to it. Back in 2008, I wanted a new username for my random logins and decided to just choose a gemstone for it. Went and found one of the most obscure stone names I could just to make it unique.


What can we expect from you in 2016?

My “Shards” EP released in stores with Pineapple Digital on February 1st, and I’ve been working with ProgressBeat Records lately as well. And there will be a few more cool collabs on the way. Other than that, I’ll continue releasing new music on my soundcloud every few weeks or so!


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