Andrew Gabriel Releases ‘Livin In A Plane’ & Interview [EXCLUSIVE]


Andrew Gabriel is back with his lively house songs and melodic melodies.

This new song ‘Livin in a Plane’ will soon be released on his upcoming EP with Felicity Records later this month.

This elegant melodic house song starts with a super trippy melody then quickly transforms into a dark but happy progressive house song, perfect for the clubs or festivals worldwide.

Andrew Gabriel – Livin In A Plane

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ANDREWGABRIEL - Andrew Gabriel - Livin In A Plane (Original Mix)

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EDM Ranks got a chance to ask Andrew some questions about how he produced ‘Livin on a plane’ and more, check it out below

Andrew Gabriel Interview [EXCLUSIVE]

What was your favorite part of producing this song?

It’s the vocal, originally the lyrics were completely different but as I got into making it the living in a plane part stood out and really stuck with me. I think as an music producer/DJ that’s one of my goals to live in a plane, touring doing shows and meeting all kinds of great people along the way.


What Inspired you to make this?

Right when I heard the vocal I knew I had to get in on this. For me whenever I get a new set of vocals right when I hear them I know right away if I want to go in or not.


How did you begin producing dance music?

I got started on Dance Music when I was a kid, I listened to everything, Ace of Base, Fatboy Slim, Alice Deejay. Where I lived we had this radio station that would what was called The Hot 9 at 9, and it was a lot of dance music, back then I had a little handheld tape player with a AM/FM radio and I would stay up past my bedtime every night to jam. My favorite was and always will be ” Daft Punk Around The World.” I recorded it on a tape four times in a row so I never had to hit rewind and would listen to it in my bunk bed late at night while my big brother was asleep. I used to fall asleep even back then and still do now with headphones on.

Do you have a favorite VST plugin or instrument to use?

My favorite VST right now is Massive, I’ve had it for years and there’s still so damn much I have yet to learn. It’s got so many aspects to it that can be tweaked with and set up unlike a lot of other VSTs.


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