Armin Van Buuren Pisses Off Lifetime Fans


Armin Van Buuren was a pioneer of electronic dance music before EDM was even a word.

Armin Van Buuren is now worth about $40 million today and still breaking news headlines on every EDM news blog. Armin Van Buuren has traveled around the world many, many times, playing some of the best clubs in the world, is also owner of a very, very popular radio EDM podcast ASOT (A State of Trance) and has played at the biggest EDM festivals in the world, multiple times.

So why would Armin Van Buuren choose now to share a stage with another EDM artist duo?

Is it because the legendary Trance producer from the Netherlands has finally lost his creativity and is out of new ideas? Is he trying to get more fans? or is he just bored with his music career?

On December 18th 2015 Armin Van Buuren posted this video of him sharing a stage and playing live with Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike on his Facebook.



Pretty cool right?

Not really, according to die hard Armin Van Buuren fans…


Armin Van Buuren has been a pioneer in the electronic dance music industry, especially Trance music, Why would Armin feel the need to just now join up with an EDM duo known for playing not that good EDM?

Or Is this a sign that Armin Van Buuren is ditching Trance? Could the days of hearing amazing trance albums like 76, Shivers, Imagine and Mirage be over?

Eric Prydz had a very valid point when he compared the type of EDM that Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike play.

It’s like eating McDonald’s


What Eric Prydz means here is that Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike produce music for everybody. J

ust like McDonald’s makes cheeseburgers for everybody, like.. half the world. Wait, all of the world. They may not be the best quality cheeseburger’s, but it’s a cheeseburger! or is it?

It’s the mainstream crap everybody eats.

Or is Armin just trying to capture new EDM fans from the younger millennials who are newer to electronic dance music and love the one or two note high pitch anoyying build up drop EDM songs? Is Armin trying to gain new fans that really have no idea what good electronic dance music is?

Either way, it looks like Armin Van Buuren just pissed off a bunch of lifelong dedicated fans, while gaining some new fans that dont stop listening to retarded DJ magazines Top 100 DJs, Which are based upon everything but who has the best electronic dance music songs.


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