Throwback Thursdays EDM Song: ATB – Ecstasy


This week’s Throwback Thursday takes us to the smooth sound of ATB’s “Ecstasy”. Released in the US in October 2004 on Radikal Records, it has all the nostalgia of a vocal trance hit. The track charted particularly well in Europe, especially in countries like Hungary and Poland, where it reached #2 at its peak.

The funky bassline and tight drum sounds in “Ecstasy” energize the emotions of the chords and lyrics. This uplifting mood is complimented by ATB’s layers of polished synths, but particularly the heartfelt vocals by English singer/songwriter Tiff Lacey. Lacey was also a part of another hit single on the same album called “Marrakech”.

With a career that spans 20 years, ATB is among the biggest heads in the trance community both globally and of course in his native Germany. There are some tracks that can be credited with bringing trance music to the masses; with its clean production and beautiful, catchy vocals, “Ecstasy” does just that. Plus the song has a pretty interesting video too… Enjoy this classic!


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