ATB Releases First Episode of his New ‘Synthesis’ Podcast


The newest undertaking by legendary Trance producer ATB is his new collaborative project ‘Synthesis’.

His new electronic dance music podcast will not only play songs ATB likes, but also songs that his fans love and send in to him each month. Helping bring light to new underground and famous EDM artists, DJs, and producers from around the world.

Occurring every month, the new ATB podcast will reflect his own taste in EDM along with his fans who submit songs.

Listeners can visit ATB’s website and are encouraged to send in their favorite track of the month. ATB gathers the best songs and adds them into the episode for an hour long mix. This is one of the reasons ATB is so awesome because he has always been great with engaging with his fans.

Something very rare to see these days, especial with Top DJs.

ATB states how music discovery is so important to him.

“As much as I love creating records, music discovery is just as important to me”


ATB explains how he will be giving back to the community, and how his podcast will allow him to engage with fans by letting them submit songs to him for a chance to make it into the Synthesis podcast.

“As an artist and DJ, I have shared my personal tastes with my fans, but this time, I wanted to open that into a two-way dialogue.”


Hey guys this is ATB, Welcome to the first episode of my brand new radio show Synthesis. Unlike other radio shows this isnt all about me. I love sharing my favorite tracks but i know you guys have amazing taste in music as-well. Be my eyes and ears on the ground and submit your favorite tracks to my website I will pick the best ones to be featured in this special show every month, tune in to see if you made it. Im so excited to get started mixing and creating with you now its time for episode 0 of Synthesis.


Rules for submissions:

  1. Please send only one track a month. Take the time to choose the best one!
  2. Please send it at 320 kbps. Only those of the highest quality will be chosen.
  3. And finally, please only send a track once. Please do not keep sending the same song.

submit your song here for a chance to be featured on ATB’s new EDM podcast, Synthesis.


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