ATB: 1999 – Present



ATB has come a  long way in the past decade and a half.

André Tanneberger (born February 26, 1973 in Freiberg, Saxony, Germany) is a German DJ, musician, and producer of electronic music.

ATB is not a newcomer to the electronic dance music scene by any means. Producing his first hit song in 1998 with ‘9 PM’ its safe to call him a veteran dj. ‘9 PM’ was released on the Movin Melodies album in 1999.


The song topped the United Kingdom music charts when ATB was only 21 in 1999. ‘9 PM’ was widely regarded as UK’s first #1 Trance song.

The track features a guitar riff that became hugely popular, along with the sexy female vocals saying “Till I Come!” – “Change it and see, Till I Come!”

But you cannot just judge an artist based upon one track only, you must also look at an artists music over years of their musical/production career.

Music is always changing, but staying unique and relative to the time is something hard to do, ATB has no problem with that.

His sound, always staying fresh with a new twist. ATB does this time after time, With every album.


‘Ecstasy’ ah, a Classic! Another hit from ATB was in 2004, on the album ‘No Silence‘.

This timeless song will carry you away in a trance state of melodic pianos, synths and amazing vocals that tell a never ending story of love and happiness.


A beautiful song, more modern drum and bass chill out. But this is also why we love ATB, he is so unique and never scared to be diverse and try new things, all while still keeping his touch and flavor of ATB style. This is a song you feel, Not hear. Thats real music.

Future Memories released on Future Memories (2009)

2014 ATB (Contact)

And now for ATB – Contact (2014).

Which features uplifting groovy melodic synths and heartful vocals with songs like

ATB – ‘When It Ends It Starts Again’  ft. Sean Ryan on the new album Contact (2014)


ATB – ‘Face To Face’ ft. Stanfour on the new album Contact (2014)


ATB – ‘Together’ ft. JES  on the new album Contact (2014)


ATB – Far Beyond

Last but not least we leave you with one of our favorites from ATB – Far Beyond.



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