AUSMARK Releases “Hinterland” & Interview [EXCLUSIVE]


AUSMARK is a new electronic dance music duo on the scene making some incredible music.

There is no information on this duo really other than that they go by the name “Ausmark, an Australian & Danish duo – Just like wine and cheese.” And that they also make fire music.

No lie.

Formed by Oliver and Alexander these two producers and DJs are off to a great start with songs like “Hinterland“, “Tell me” and many more.

AUSMARK – “Hinterland”

“Hinterland” starts with a big beautiful piano and ambience of energy. Next soothing vocals chime in. “I have a wish, that we had never..”

Hinterland Lyrics:

I have a wish,
That we had never,
And I have a wish,
That we had never,

And we hide,
From the creature inside,

And we run,
And we hide,
From the creature inside,

We’re running from a Hinterland,
We’re running from a Hinterland,

I have a wish.

“Hinterland” really speaks for itself, joyful, happy, fun, and just overall great vibes.

Ausmark definitely nailed this one. A playful and super sounding tune here.

This will be another tune added to my playlists.

I wanted to get the scoop on how they came about making this song, check it out below.


Tell us about “Hinterland”, How did you come up with this idea for this song?

Hinterland was a naturally formed song and as a result we finished it quite quickly. It’s first conception was called Neverland which had the the original piano and baseline. Alex wrote some lyrics inspired by these sounds and then changed the name to Hinterland. He stemmed out 6 tracks or so of sounds (about a minute long) and then gave it to Oliver to play with. That’s how we work, someone has an idea and then we let the other person flip it, we try not to get attached to anything. Oliver refined the drop adding new sounds and brought the track into a more dance like song. He added some vocals on top and wanted to modulate the key midway through. The song just naturally formed from this process.


How did you begin producing electronic dance music?

Oliver began producing electronic music by sampling in Dance Ejay when he was 6 (not that he knew what he was doing, haha) But he found it entertaining. He did this for about 5 years until he discovered FL Studio and started loop & midi based music. Alex was also inspired by sampling from a CD he found in a cereal box which had some software allowing you to drag and drop music loops. This also led him to discover FL Studio where he began writing electronic music.


Do you have a favorite VST plugin or instrument to use?

We both work in separate digital audio workstations so we tend to use quite a few different software synths. Alex will create ideas in Logic and tends to go for the Alchemy granular synth as well as Sylenth1. Oliver works in FL Studio and is currently into the wavetable synthesizer Serum. We are also addicted to Soundtoys and waves plugins..


What can we expect from you next year?

We are currently releasing tracks as we complete them via Soundcloud, we also have a lot of partly worked songs that will eventually get completed and mixed. As for next year, we feel an album is definitely on the way.

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