Need Authentic Sampled Instruments From India?

SwarPlug authentic indian sounds plugin and presets


Do you need organic, authentic Indian instruments for your songs?

The SwarPlug VST plugin instrument has more than 80 perfectly sampled instruments from India, each with lots of MIDI loops to create authentic sounding compositions.

These samples are of such high quality, that words do not describe it accurately.

Sitar Pack

The SwarPlug audio plugin has a legacy library of 74 Indian instruments, and now 5 additional Multi-Layered Packs (MLP) of the main Indian drums (Tabla, Dholak, Mridangam, …), Swarmandal (harp-like instrument), Tanpura (4 different drones), Sitar & Surbahar and now Bansuri (Indian bamboo flute). All fully resampled in 48kHz, 24 bits with multiple layers and multiple mics.

Check out the demo videos below for the Bansuri pack:

Bansuri Pack


SwarPlug Tutorials

Swar Systems has also made some very nice tutorials to help you learn how the plugin works.


Review Of SwarPlug VST

This vst plugin is perfect for music producers who need authentic sounds and instruments for their songs.

One can easily learn how to use the Swarplugin vst in a matter of some time. Plus, the user is provided with a giant library of high-quality sounds for music. A simple and beautiful GUI interface allows the user to easily choose the desired settings with just the touch of a few clicks.

So if you are looking for the pros and cons of the Swarplug, we have listed it in this news post. Let’s begin with the pros:


Pros of Swarplug VST

  1. Easy to use.
  2. Sounds great.
  3. Simple editing of settings and effects.
  4. A huge number of high quality samples to select from.
  5. Authentic Indian samples to select from.
  6. Legacy library of 74 Indian instruments.
  7. Sitar & Surbahar and now Bansuri (Indian bamboo flute)
  8. All fully resampled in 48kHz multiple layers and multiple mics.
  9. Youtube tutorials and support from the manufacturer.

Cons of Swarplug

  1. It is not free.
  2. New sounds can’t be developed.


What are you waiting for?

Download these perfectly crafted and recorded samples from India.

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