Rolling Stone’s New Music Charts Release: Is Missing.. What’s Going On?

Yes the infamous Rolling Stone magazine and website has planned on releasing new music charts. The new Rolling Stone music charts will be looking to compete with EDM Ranks, Beatport, Billboard, and Nielsen Music. Rolling Stone’s heavily-hyped charts release remains M.I.A., with rumors pointing to numerous snags and even in-fighting. It was the music chart […]

Pioneer Will Leave The DJ Industry, Reports Say

The latest in EDM News, Japanese websites are reporting that Pioneer could be leaving the DJ business. TOKYO — U.S. private equity fund KKR and Japan’s Pioneer plan to sell off a jointly owned DJ equipment business, with a buyer expected to be chosen by autumn. Pioneer DJ is likely to draw interest from companies outside Japan and large investment funds. The bidding process […]

Kings Of Dance Music

As thrilling as the name sounds, Electronic Dance Music (EDM) takes the audience by a storm every time the beat drops! Among throngs of party animals, swaying ecstatically to the music and party lights flickering and dancing with the rhythm, the only thing keeping the spirit alive is the music! Without the creativity of the artist, […]

Insomniac Thanksgiving This November

Returning to Southern California with the fourth sequel to Dreamstate SoCal 2018 on the 23rd and 24th November, 2018, Insomniac is coming back with a bang by performing popularly-demanded trance records for the American crowd! With the popularity of Electronic Dance Music stretching nation-wide, EDM lovers are constantly searching for places to be where crowds are chanting […]

Styles Of EDM Music

Even though Electronic Dance Music is thought to be an all-encompassing genre of all types of EDM music, the reality is far from this. Even though EDM itself has a wide range of genres and styles, and respective artists and producers associated to each, not everything electronic and musical can be brought under the umbrella […]