2018 Top 100 DJs Polls Are In!

2018 Top 100 DJs Results are In! After 11.5 long months of voting in 2018 EDM Ranks has calculated the Top DJs for 2018, according to our unanimous member voting. The #1 DJ/Producer for 2018 is Subaholics. Click the link above to view the Top 100 DJs of 2018. Top 100 EDM Songs Want to […]

Top 100 DJs 2018 Announced in 3 Days!

The Top 100 DJs 2018 will be announced in 3 days! have you cast your vote for this years best edm dj/producer? EDM Charts 2018 – Vote Now! Sign up for free and make your vote heard today on the worlds first EDM Charts for songs, powered by the people and community.