Avicii Seen on Yacht Before His Death, Avicii Brother in Oman Investigating Death



The latest edm news in Avicii’s death, In Oman, Muscat police say Avicii’s body will be flown home to Sweden this week.

Still no word on the cause of Avicii’s death.

As Seen above from TMZ, Avicii was seen chilling on a yacht with a drink in his hand days before his death.

Sources in Oman tell TMZ that Avicii’s older brother, David Bergling, checked into an upscale hotel in the capital city of Muscat on Friday evening … hours after Avicii was found dead. We’re told the hotel where he’s staying is about 15 minutes away from Muscat Hills — the resort where Avicii had been vacationing.

However, the photo of Avicii with a drink isn’t the only sign that he may have possibly started drinking again.

Record producer Nile Rodgers, who’d collaborated with Avicii on his 2013 album True, told the Associated Press that he’d been worried about Avicii, as the artist had allegedly shown up intoxicated to a gig. “It was a little bit sad to me because he had promised me he would stop drinking, and when I saw him he was drunk that night,” he recalled (via Metro).

“And I was like, ‘Whoa. Dude. C’mon. What are you doing? What’s going on? You said that that was done.'”

“We did a show and I was a little upset. I didn’t even stick around for his performance because it was breaking my heart.”

Nile Rodgers

Nile added that they had a good time regardless of Avicii’s drinking, and called their friendship ‘wonderful’.

Before his death Avicii was seen by hotel guests and others in a happy mood.

One fan even took a picture of him smiling.

Avicii History

In recent years Avicii has experienced multiple health issues including excessive drinking, (Pancreatitis at age 21), and canceling his Ultra Miami gig due to pains/nausea and being rushed to the hospital.

Avicii comes from a very famous family in Sweden. He now leaves behind family members, His mother, Anki Liden, and another brother are both actors. David is a hotelier in Sweden.

Source: TMZ / TMZ

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