Axxound Releases Afterglow Trance Song Remix & Interview [EXCLUSIVE]


Axxound is an electronic dance music producer and DJ hailing from Vienna, Austria.

His new remix of South Pole & Lumidelic – ‘Afterglow’ the (Axxound Remix) is out now, and it’s definitely an uplifting trance song you want to listen to.

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Axxound Interview

Tell us about ‘Afterglow’ How did you come up with this idea for this song?

I very enjoyed the melody of ‘Afterglow.’ It reminds me of an older trance anthem melody. I needed to remix this! I decided to try a club remix to give it a more epic feel to it. I think the melody works really well with a Trance 2.0 approach. It is not my core genre, so it was a challenge to make it sound rather ok.


How did you begin producing electronic dance music?

I have been learning piano and organ for a long time. I was always interested in composing my own music and improvising on the piano. The first touch with electronic music I had with the ‘House from Ibiza’ podcasts from the French DJ Sebastien Benett. I really liked the house tracks in there with a great melody. After one holiday in Ibiza and seeing (amongst others) Above & Beyond, I was like: “I need to produce Trance/ Melodic Progressive House, this genre is beautiful and so intense.” I bought Ableton. This was in 2011.


Do you have a favorite VST plugin or instrument to use?

One of my favourites is a bass plugin called Rob Papen’s SubBoomBass. I always have my struggles to get the sub bass right. I think it helps me a lot reaching my desired results faster. Additionally, I have FabFilter Saturn or Pro-Q2 on almost every channel – I cannot do without them! Furthermore, I try to incorporate vocal chops as much as I can into my productions. I feel, it gives the tracks such a nice ambience.

What can we expect from you next year?

I always try to improve the quality of my tracks with every production and to push my sounds into different directions so that the axxound releases differ from each other. I hope you can experience this progress soon in one of my original productions – can’t wait. This year you can also expect a few collaborations with diligent and great producers. For example, a new track with Rene Dale is in the making and a special bootleg will also be available soon. Also, continuing with remix works. Speaking of which, my new remix for Richard Bass is OUT on 22nd January on Progressive House Worldwide! I hope you will like this one & as always – thanks for the support everybody


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