Best Buy Will Stop Selling CD Albums In 2018



Growing up as a child in the 1990s getting a new CD with the latest radio songs on it was the best way to listen to music.

It was exciting getting a new cd with all the trending radio songs, Getting a new cd every month wiht all the latest songs was equivelent to getting that one big toy you dreamed of for Christmas, of course making these ‘burned cds’ was  highly illegal, but no one cared back then, But today the game is much different.

Music streaming is now the new dominant heavyweight in the music industry. Specifically, Spotify. Yes Tidal is catching up but they are still a very small percent of the music streaming market.

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Not only did Spotify make accessing and streaming songs free but they made it super simple for people to tune in and listen. At Home. In The Car. At Work. On the go. Anywhere. Literally.

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Therefore Best Buy has now announced that the company will stop selling cds in stores on July 1st 2018. Word is Target will also stop selling CD albums. Despite what you feel, this should not be a surprise. Millennial’s saw this coming a long time ago. Besides, i have not touched a cd in about 5 years, at least.

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