Best DAW For EDM Artists and Music Producers

Best DAW For EDM Artists


Are you researching what is the best DAW for amateurs and professional music producers?

If so this is the perfect article to read on the best daw for edm artists and music producers.

Are you researching how to make electronic music or how to make a remix?

#1 – Choosing The Best DAW

Well the first secret is that professional edm songs and productions can be made with any DAW.

So this mean’s it doesn’t matter which one you choose, right?

Not right.

Music producers and edm artists can make professional songs in any DAW, but how do you know which daw to choose?

Well the short answer is that arguably no DAW is the best.

Here is the second secret, you must choose the best DAW that works for you.

What does this mean? It means you must try a few different digital audio workstations and see what you feel is best for you at the end of the day.

How and why you might be wondering?

In this article we wrote a Top 5 DAW article, but this is because Ableton is made specifically for edm artist music production, and playing live music.

Also because that is what all in house edm ranks artists use. (Many started with FL Studio and then made the switch.)

There are many features in Ableton that supports edm artists, the most obvious being arrangement view, and live clip mode view.

#2 – Download a Free DAW Trial adn Test It

In the end, if you are just beginning and learning how to make electronic dance music songs, You must choose the best DAW that works for you.

Download 3 or 4 different DAW’s and use each for a week. See how you like it. If you don’t like it then at least you know which one you dont like and have a reason for it. After you have experimented with each DAW for a week make a chart and record what you liked and what you didn’t like about each. Then choose the best one that works for your music production workflow.

One last thing you need to know when doing a remix is audio plugins.

#3 – A DAW Overview

If you are an electronic dance music artist you might want to start with a daw like Ableton or FL Studio as these are the most popular with edm artists today.

But again, you must choose the best one for you.

Each DAW is different, and are arranged in different layouts. Different audio plugins, different synths and some other features.

Here we will briefly give you a review on the Ableton UI layout. From using the DAW picture above we have cropped certain sections below to show you more details.

Below is a picture of all the tracks in Ableton for a song. The volume can be adjusted for each, muted, turned on or off, routed and more.

Each of these tracks will show it’s notes for melodies, and auditions for audio effects.

In the example below the pink line is an automation for the auto filter frequencies or aka the (cutoff).

The pink line fades in the hi-hat noises.

With automation line you can draw in what you want the computer to do. When you do this with each sound, layer, parameter, etc. After doing this to many sounds and layers, you can start to see how complicated and intricate electronic music production is.

See our guide on ‘how to make electronic music‘ link above for more details on other DAWs.


#4 – Audio Plugins

SwarPlug authentic indian sounds plugin and presets

Audio plugins are a very important part of making electronic dance music.

If you want to be an edm artist you will need to know what plugins are. And how to use them well.

Some DAW’s come with instruments and audio effects built in, some dont. So be sure to check all the features your DAW software package will give you.

Check this page for some of the best plugins with reviews. Check this page for EDM tutorials.


If you are just getting started with music production or edm song production then make sure to try as many different DAW’s as possible to learn what you like, and learn what you dont like.

After trying many different products you will know which one feels best for you.

Top 5 and Top 10 daw articles are just meant to help point you in the right direction.

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