Best EDM Documentaries & Videos


In the past years there have been many EDM documentaries and videos, but what are the best EDM documentaries?

Below we have compiled the best 13 EDM documentaries and videos for you. Did we miss one? Let us know!

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  1. 808’, An Electronic Music History Documentary

  2. From Vintage Synths to Modern Day VST’s With Jean-Michel Jarre

  3. How Electronic Dance Music Changed The World & Clubbing Documentary

  4. The History of House Music: Pump Up The Volume

  5. Good Food and Good Music Are Essential For A Healthy Life

  6. An EDM Documentary

  7. R Is For ROLAND: Book Dedicated to Roland Instruments & History

  8. Pete Tong Talks In Billboard Op-Ed How EDM Needs More EDM Movies

  9. ‘I Dream of Wires’ Documentary ft. Deadmau5, Carl Craig & More

  10. EDM Documentary: “Between The Beats: Seth Troxler”

  11. Baauer: Searching For Sound Documentary

  12. Sound Reacts to Science

  13. California Raves In The Late 90’s

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  9. The First Electronic Song, Ever, Apparently

  10. TomorrowWorld 2015 Ends In Chaos

  11. How One Man Almost Destroyed EDM, Beatport, and SFX Entertainment

  12. Stimming Interview: How I Play [Video]

  13. EDM, DEA & Raves

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