BKID Interview On His New Deep House Song “Higher Baby”


BKID is a young artist/producer/dj from Hamburg in Germany. He classifies his music as “modern house with piano and bass”.

If you didnt know, Germany is home to many talented producers like Kyau & Albert, Roger Shah, Mindless Desire, Next and many more so it’s no surprise to hear more great house music from Germany.

BKID’s deep house song “Higher Baby” could easily be one of the best deep house songs in 2016. After hearing this song we had to hear how it was made from the artist/DJ himself. Check out the interview below we had with BKID about his deep house hit “Higher Baby”, his inspiration and much more.

When asked how did this song come alive he credits his love for modern house music and piano along with  “It was a Sunday and i was just messing around with some piano sounds” resulted in the birth of  “Higher Baby”. “Well, this is what came out.” he says.

Meanwhile, cue “Higher Baby” and enjoy the amazing deep house vibes!

Tell us a little bit about your new song ‘Higher Baby’. How did this song come alive?

To be honest – I had a huge hangover the day, I wrote the piano drop. It was a Sunday and i was just messing around with some piano sounds. Well, this is what came out.


What inspired you?

I just love the sound of piano on house music.That in addition of good weather outside and a shuffled snare drum made me build this track.


Where did you get this vocal from?

It’s actually custom made. I built it to fit the track I took a 10 second sample of a woman singing “Oh yeah hey baby” and chopped the sh*t out of it, pitched it, reversed the chops and so on and on and on.


How did you get into producing electronic dance music/house music?

I’ve been making music since around 10 years. Back then I was playing the guitar in some metal bands but I always listened to other music genres as-well, so I was that guy with a laptop on stage and always tried to bring some electronic elements in to the songs – that was the beginning.Now just since December last year I’m producing house music regularly.


What is your VST plugin or instrument to use?

KORG M1 and Spire


What can we expect from you in 2016?

A lot of cool new tunes i guess! 🙂

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