Bonkr Music Releases Addictive Deep House Song ‘Lie Machine’ and Interview [EXCLUSIVE]


Bonkr Music is a young upcoming edm producer from the Netherlands.

This EDM producer is looking to leave his mark on the industry, and his new deep house song ‘Lie Machine’ is a banger that will help him do it.

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Bonkr Music Interview [EXCLUSIVE]

What was your favorite part of producing this song? 

I had a lot of fun with playing with the piano. I spent a lot of time on the rhythm and the progression to make it fit perfectly with the vocal


What Inspired you to make this? 

I’ve always been a fan of “piano drops”. I first got inspired by Runaway by Galantis. After some time I decided to make my track more future house instead of progressive house because I got inspired by some of Don Diablo’s older tracks. I watched a youtube video on how to start a future house track and everything started from there.


How did you begin singing and producing dance music? 

I first came into the music scene as young young kid. My father played the guitar and my mother played the piano. I started taking piano lessons when I was about 8 years old. When I was 10 years old, I discovered Garageband. I started messing around with loops and grooves and made multiple songs with that. When I was around 15 I started getting enough of playing Mozart and Beethoven and so I moved to music production lessons. It started out really basic, I started learning all the chords and scales etc. I discovered FL Studio and I also got a hardware synthesizer and from that moment I started making dance music.


Do you have a favorite VST plugin or instrument to use?  

I absolutely LOVE Serum. I love the things that you can do with it. Its so versatile and you can make very unique sounds with it. I also love The Glue by Cytomic, I put it on almost every bus channel. I also love using pianos in my productions. If I try to go for a good dance piano I mostly use the M1 plugin by Korg and sometimes Nexus. Those are basically my favorite VST plugins to use.


What can we expect from you this year? 

A lot of music! Im working on so many tracks right now. I have a collaboration with my friend Sebastian Alm coming soon (you should check him out as well). I have another collaboration coming in hopefully the next coming months. Im also working on multiple solo productions, one of them is almost finished as well. Besides that, I got my track ‘Lie Machine’ signed as well and I hope I can sign more tracks this year!


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