BOTH Releases New Song “Santer” & Interview [EXCLUSIVE]


Originally artists in their own right and hailing from Belgium and France.

The electronic dance music duo BOTH want to give EDM fans a taste of their fast growing appetite for driving club anthems and melodies.

While previously remaining anonymous, BOTH have now emerged from the shadows as mysterious, manga-inspired half man, half machine creations, symbolic of their approach to their music, where the electric energy of the machines combine with real human emotions to create something very special.

Following on from this mammoth success from “Straight Outta Line”, the Belgian/French duo BOTH are back now back with a new house song “Santer” another dancefloor destroyer. Check it out below.

BOTH – Santer:

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Their debut single “Straight Outta Line” released by PIAS and DimMak in America, was a radio smash across the globe, setting the blogosphere alight and reached over 6,000,000 Spotify streams.

With heavy nightclub bangers, chill beach vibe house songs, and melodic house melodies BOTH has a song for everybody.

You will find that many BOTH songs take influences from nu soul, classic house, funk and the work of legendary producers like Roger Sanchez and Eric Morillo.

BOTH Interview

Tell us about “Santer”. How did you guys come up with this idea?

We were in studio working on an instrumental (that ended up being the actual drop of the track) We took a break and we started watching videos of traditionnal cuban music, that gave us the idea of mixing this vibe with that power bass drop.


How did you begin producing electronic dance music?

We both have different music production backgrounds. One of us is a percussion player and the other one is a rap and pop producer. We decided to team up our skills in that electronic genre that we both love.


Do you have a favorite VST plugin or instrument to use?

There are a lot of them actually! We use a lot of Native Instruments synths, UAD fxs and Izotop too of course.


What can we expect from you next year?

Definitely new tracks, more instrumentals like Santer but also toplined tracks like Straight Outta Line. Maybe a good old classic remix too who knows ­čśë



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