Do You Buy Soundcloud Plays? Artists Read How This Can Actually Hurt You


Cloud computing is more powerful than ever, and Soundcloud promotion is still a top thought in everyone’s mind today. Especially edm artists and music producers.

But did you ever stop to think how popular it is buying soundcloud plays? Well if you are a fan/average edm festival attendee and reading this for the first time then this might be a Soundcloud bombshell for you to learn this.

For those who have known about this, it has been popular ever since about 2010. It started to kick off heavy in 2012 and now in 2019 to buy Soundcloud plays is rampant. The main reason is because cloud computing has made bots more cheap than ever.

To Buy Soundcloud Plays or not To Buy Soundcloud Plays

But how did it all start? Well 10 years ago when the music chart algorithms were programmed to sort songs by most plays, this worked.

Then when everyone started using bots to buy soundcloud plays any EDM Artist Joe Smoe could get a million plays and rank #1 on the music charts.

Today song plays is just 1/50 different ways on how to rank a song on the Soundcloud charts.

Ever seen a song online with 20,000 + plays but only 10 comments? That’s an edm promoter who buys soundcloud plays.

(Why) Buy Soundcloud Plays

A quick Google search will show you that people find it more attractive to listen to music other people are listening too.

what you should know before you buy soundcloud plays

But is this true?

We will leave that up to you to decide.

One Soundcloud promotion company is offering 500 soundcloud plays for $0.99. Or 20,000 Soundcloud plays for $19.99.

Not bad i suppose. But then what?

If you are an EDM artist or music producer this is the end of that service.

You are left with a Soundcloud song that mas thousands of plays and still not 1 new single fan. You were better off spending that $20 on a real promotion service like Facebook ads or real EDM promotion services.

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