Calvin Harris Now Back With Old Ex Aarika Wolf


Just in some juicy EDM news on Calvin Harris and his dating life. So Who is Calvin Harris Dating now? Well the title might have gave it away, but here it goes.

2 years after breaking up with Taylor Swift, Calvin Harris is now back with his ex girlfriend Aarika Wolf.

They had enjoyed a seven-month romance back in 2015, before Calvin Harris had dumped his model ex to pursue his former flame Taylor Swift instead.

But it appears the Scottish DJ, 33, has now rekindled his relationship with ex-girlfriend Aarika Wolf two years later.

According to reports, things are back on between the pair, with Aarika even flying out to Las Vegas in June to watch Calvin perform as part of his residency at Omnia. 

Will this new Calvin Harris girlfriend last? Or will Calvin ditch her and find a new girlfriend?


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