Can Music Cure The Human Brain?

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We all know that the human body and brain is not perfect, or immortal.

There are many diseases and sickness that can take the human body hostage, Dementia is one of these disease’s, affecting the ability to think and remember things. Dementia even makes it hard to remember your family members names and faces, depending on how much the disease has spread.

Dementia is defined by Wikipedia as:

A broad category of brain diseases that cause a long term and often gradual decrease in the ability to think and remember such that a person’s daily functioning is affected. Other common symptoms include emotional problems, problems with language, and a decrease in motivation.



But what can cure Dementia?

By 2025, the number of people age 65 and older with Alzheimer’s disease is estimated to reach 7.1 million — a 40 percent increase from the 5.1 million age 65 and older affected in 2015.

Alzheimer’s Association


Science has done lots of research on dementia and other related brain diseases, but why has nothing changed?

Surly there is something that can cure Dementia and other brain related problems besides a pill, right? The answer may be very simple actually, but bringing the change to the masses may not be.

Pharmaceutical Industry Tops $300 Billion

Pharmaceutical Industry Tops $300 Billion in 2014 copy

Maybe it’s because of the tight grip that the pharmaceutical companies have on the healthcare industry, it only makes sense that they want to keep prescriptions sales at an all time high, even if if those prescriptions don’t work.

As long as they sell you a pill, they make money. Cash, directly right into their pockets.

The global pharmaceuticals market is worth US $300 billion a year, a figure expected to rise to US $400 billion within three years. The 10 largest drugs companies control over one-third of this market, several with sales of more than US$10 billion a year and profit margins of about 30%.

World Health Organization


But what is there was another way to cure dementia other than prescription drugs and pills?

The Musical Cure?

tiesto - Why Trance Will Never Die

The pill model that the pharmaceutical industry has created is currently a $300 billion industry (2014) and is projected to be $400 billion industry by 2017.

Instead of prescribing pills maybe we should be prescribing iPods with curated playlists tailored to the specific tastes for the person in need. Basically, Instead of prescribing pills we should be prescribing iPods with playlists.

Can Music Cure Dementia?

Music is an incredible thing, it can heal the brain and human body in various ways, The movie ‘Alive Inside‘ proves this. Going against the entire belief of drugs from pharmaceutical companies.

So, Can music cure the human brain?

For those who still don’t believe, or don’t want to give the movie a chance, Check out Henry’s story, which is just one example of many from the movie.

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