The Real Problem with EDM in 2017

What is the real problem with EDM in 2017? I will tell you. Maybe it’s not so much about EDM, and more about the EDM fans. It’s ignorant electronic dance music fans. Well it’s fine to be ignorant to EDM genres, just please dont start posting on social media about artists and the genres of […]

Jim Carrey Gives Funny/Bizarre E Interview “There is no me.. just things happening…clusters of tetrahedrons moving around together.”

Earlier this week Jim Carrey gave an interesting celestial interview to an E Reporter at the New York Fashion Week. When asked some questions by Catt Sadler Jim Cary begins to circle around her and says “There is no me” and “There are just things happening and there are clusters of tetrahedrons moving around together.” […]

What is “Om Telolet Om”?

What is Om Telolet Om? Om Telolet Om translates to “Sir, honk your horn, sir” in Indonesian. But How Did This “Om Telolet Om” Meme Start? And how did top DJs like Martin Garrix, Zed, and more begin to jump on board with the viral EDM meme? This new EDM meme started when kids in […]