LUST3R Releases ‘Pure Evil’ Dubstep [EXCLUSIVE]

Back in the day, dubstep producers could be separated into a few (arbitrary) styles within the genre. There was the “dub-reggae-step” like Sukh Knight, the spooky “ghost-step” of Jack Sparrow, and yet another is the “giant-robots-battling-for-world-domination-step”. UK producer James “Key” Blackmore AKA LUST3R would fit right into the latter.  LUST3R – “Pure Evil” The 24-year-old […]

What Is EDM?

With electronic dance music and EDM being one of the most popular and fastest growing types of music in the world, many people still dont understand what the word EDM means. A lot of people wonder today, what is EDM? Well it’s time to set the record straight… Why Call It EDM? In short, it […]