Will Chinese Company Tencent Buyout Spotify?

Heres something that will effect us all, or at least the ones who stream music and dont illegally download it. Spotify has been loosing money since they opened in 2006, we all knew this wasnt good. Spotify may boast high annual salaries for their employees paying them over $168,000 a year but that isnt that […]

Pioneer Releases New DDJ Mixer Series

Pioneer DJ has long served as the industry standard for mixing equipment in the EDM/dance music domain. After a song have been produced in a DAW many DJs and producers travel the world and play their songs on the Pioneer CDJ’s. Their line of CDJs can be found in just about any nightclub or EDM festival setting, […]

Can Music Cure The Human Brain?

We all know that the human body and brain is not perfect, or immortal. There are many diseases and sickness that can take the human body hostage, Dementia is one of these disease’s, affecting the ability to think and remember things. Dementia even makes it hard to remember your family members names and faces, depending […]