Sonible’s smart:Comp Compressor Provides Great Compression Results In Seconds

The Sonible smart:Comp audio plugin compressor is perfect for master audio compression. smartComp will analyze and ‘listen’ to your song and set the best configuration for it with the ‘smart state’. The spectral sidechain mode (frequency dependent ducking) should be really interesting for EDM artists and music producers.   How Does This Audio Plugin Work? […]

Popular EDM Songs In 2019

Latest EDM Tracks Listening to music has become one of the passions of many individuals from all walks of life. And recently we found the latest edm tracks that seem to be popular in 2019. Electronic Dance Music or EDM isn’t just for dance. This also covers a broad range of music that is now […]

How to Make A Remix

If you are searching online for how to make a remix? Search no more because we can teach you the correct way to make a remix. A great remix can help boost your EDM career and put you into the light of famous record labels. But before you can fly, you need to learn to […]

How To Make Electronic Music

EDM is taking over the global music charts and top 100 songs. Do you ever wonder how music producers and edm artists make those professional sounding songs? Are you trying to learn the secrets to making professional songs without paying thousands of dollars? Or maybe you just want to learn how to make a remix? […]