Best EDM Documentaries & Videos

In the past years there have been many EDM documentaries and videos, but what are the best EDM documentaries? Below we have compiled the best 13 EDM documentaries and videos for you. Did we miss one? Let us know! If you find this page interesting or useful please share this with a friend or friends […]

KINK Feature/Interview With EB.TV

Electronic Beats TV episode #52 goes to visit KINK in this Slices feature/interview. The native Bulgarian, born Strahil Velchev, gave us a close-up view into his home life and studio in Sofia, which happens to be located in his mother’s house. We have mentioned KINK before when he played a live set a Watergate with […]

MDMA: The Movie

What is MDMA? Where did MDMA come from? Weather you agree or not, MDMA is that big elephant in the room no one wants to look at or talk to. The Molly Topic makes EDM festivals shiver in their boots, and the rest of the EDM industry wanting to look the other way. MDMA The Movie […]