Tyko – Skyfall

Today there are many underground EDM artists producing EDM, but few as smooth as Tyko. In a world where many EDM producers and DJs choose to follow the EDM trends and play/produce what ever the latest and greatest new EDM genre is, Tyko goes in the other direction playing music from the soul. What ever […]

Free VST Plugins

Splice is a new company that is changing the way producers learn how to produce electronic music online, Along with many other aspects to learning how to produce EDM. Splice allows users to view a songs’ arrangement in a DAW of their choice, along with all the effects and synths used in making the song. […]

Download Deadmau5’s 4×4=12 Album FREE!

Ultra Records has teamed up with Google Play to give EDM Fans the Deadmau5 4×4=12 Album for Free Download to anyone with an internet connection for a limited time! The free download is only available for US users. We’re teaming up w/ @GooglePlay to offer @Deadmau5‘s 4×4=12 for FREE (US) and 0.99 (CA)! This offer won’t last long […]

FREE DAW: Digital Audio Workstation

This free online daw, mostly for novice producers, Can help jumpstart a beginning electronic producer’s interest and help them learn music production; without spending hundreds of dollars. The studio has over 700 great sounding free loops and samples. But if you feel like that is not enough – just browse the sound shop. Soundation also offers a premium sound library […]