Jameston Releases “Ghost” & Interview [EXCLUSIVE]

Jameston is definitely been shaking up things lately in the EDM world. Do you see the ghost next to him in the picture above? Look closely! Genres do not exist in the mind of Jameston Thieves, the brainchild alternative alias for the Phoenix native, Jake Maloney. His impeccable sound design, passion for high energy music, […]

Subaholics Smashes EDM Charts With “Call Me”, Releases “Im Alright” & Interview [EXCLUSIVE]

Wondering what the latest EDM news is recently? Well, After smashing the EDM charts with “Would I Lie” and “Call Me” ranking in at #1 EDM Song at the moment  Subaholics is back with another amazing future bass hybrid song, “Im Alright”. Subaholic’s – “Im Alright” The song begins with a breakbeat style drum pattern […]