FJAAK Interview with

Meet FJAAK, the stars of this Slices New Faces feature on Electronic Beats TV. This young and wild trio of Berlin natives are now fully fledged members of the 50Weapons family and personify vibrancy and energy in their raw techno productions and insane live shows. Their close-knit childhood friendship means they hardly leave each others […]

DJ Aramis Trance Nations Ep 279

Always choosing the most euphoric and beautiful Trance songs, Along with awesome visuals for his DJ sets, DJ Aramis is a Philadelphia based Trance DJ who has had been in the dance scene from a very young age. He discovered his love for trance while watching some of the biggest names in the business such […]

Deadmau5 Previews Future Show Technology

Electronic dance music news is always exciting to read here at EDM Ranks, But not as exciting as the latest Deadmau5 news, Where Joel previews a special clip on his Instagram for his fans; 2 moving deadmau5 robot heads. Are these future ideas for the new big upcoming Deadmau5 tour? Only time will tell. Derp […]

Niall Fegan | Deadmau5 – Strobe (Cover)

There is no doubt that Deadmau5’s ‘Strobe’ is a legendary electronic dance song , and many peoples favorite. This Deadmau5 cover of ‘Strobe’ by Niall Fegan is truly inspiring and very interesting. Niall Fegan plays the guitar and piano cover to Deadmau5 – ‘Strobe’ Follow Niall Fegan on: Facebook Twitter Instagram

The Rise of EDM Artists & DJs

Whats a producer? Definitely not a DJ. Whats a DJ? Definitely not a producer. A DJ and a music producer are two total different breeds, but sometimes you find both in one person. EDM DJs Today, DJs are still seen as the gods and forefront of EDM, EDM Festivals and clubs. That is… Until they […]