Best EDM Documentaries & Videos

In the past years there have been many EDM documentaries and videos, but what are the best EDM documentaries? Below we have compiled the best 13 EDM documentaries and videos for you. Did we miss one? Let us know! If you find this page interesting or useful please share this with a friend or friends […]

Deadmau5 Releases New Album: W:/2016ALBUM/

Deadmau5 has released his long awaited 2016 album titled W:/2016ALBUM/. Even though he has made comments that this new album was rushed, and that he felt distracted while producing the album, it still came out very nicely. But what else can you expect from the perfectionist Joel? His productions have always been top notch quality […]

Will Chinese Company Tencent Buyout Spotify?

Heres something that will effect us all, or at least the ones who stream music and dont illegally download it. Spotify has been loosing money since they opened in 2006, we all knew this wasnt good. Spotify may boast high annual salaries for their employees paying them over $168,000 a year but that isnt that […]

Is Music Streaming The Future?

The internet has completely exploded in the past 5 years with over 3,342,577,800 people using the internet and that number is only increasing by about 6 people every second. That’s a ton of people. But the next question is with all these people, is Music Streaming The Future? Is Music Streaming The Future For Music […]