PACIENT X88 Releases “Embut” [EXCLUSIVE]

What happens when you take an EDM track back to the roots of rhythm? You get “Embut”, the latest release from Spanish producer, DJ, and composer Pacient X88. PACIENT X88 – “Embut” Pacient X88’s “Embut” is a sonic journey that begins—like lots of early age music did—with tribal drums. Pacient X88 puts a danceable techno […]

What Is EDM?

With electronic dance music and EDM being one of the most popular and fastest growing types of music in the world, many people still dont understand what the word EDM means. A lot of people wonder today, what is EDM? Well it’s time to set the record straight… Why Call It EDM? In short, it […]

Adam X and Henning Baer Interview

Electronic Beats TV brings together two generations of Techno. Adam X and Henning Baer do some urban exploring through Berlin to talk about the differences and similarities of their journeys. New York native Adam X, aka ADMX-71 and Traversable Wormhole, has flown the Techno/Industrial/EBM flag as a DJ, Producer and owner of the Sonic Groove […]