Wesley Monteiro Releases New Deep/Tech House Track for 2016


Wesley Monteiro has released his first song of the year for 2016, his new single ‘Disappear’.

With perhaps a slightly different style than you might be used to, his music is definitely a must have and valuable addition to your music library.

We had a chance to sit down with Wesley and ask him about his new track, some music production tips, and more. Check it out below.

Tell us a little bit about your new song ‘Disappear’.

‘Disappear’ is a track with influences of Deep & Tech house. This track makes a interesting blend of sub-genres and shows the versatile producing skills of Monteiro.


How did this song come alive?

Actually I was in a process of making an EP but I also wanted to release 2 or 3 tracks before I bring out an EP.
I think I made like 25 tracks in 2015 and I just picked out a few that I still wanted to release in 2016 and Disappear was chosen as on of the singles.


What inspired you?

Before I started with the track I was watching live sets/after movie’s from Benny Rodrigues, Carl Cox & Erick Morillo.. So I guess I was a bit inspired by them!


How did you get into music production?

Back in 2004 I started as a keyboard from a Cape Verdian band named ’YounG Livity’ and the last 3 of the 10 years I played for Kizomba star ’Nelson Freitas’.
My father is also a keyboard player of a Cape Verdian Band and in the time that I started with music he made a few songs on Cubase, I was kinda impressed about the fact that you are able to make a whole song just by yourself and from that moment I slowly started create my own ideas.


What DAW did you start with? Whats your favorite DAW today?

With Cubase! 🙂  But I did not use it for a long time, I am now using Logic Pro since 2009 or so.


Do you have a favorite synth?

Not really, I am not using any synths (hardware) anymore, nowadays I only work with software now. But I do like Massive!


What was your mindset when producing ‘Disappear’?

Uhmm.. I wanted to create something that does not have a ’standard’ sound and I think it has succeeded…


What advise or tips would you give to aspiring producers who are just beginning to learn how to produce electronic dance music?

Actually I don’t see myself as an ’underground’ Artist at all, so I will give my tips in general 🙂 Wright down the points that you want to become better in, do some research about those points on youtube/google and work on it. Watch as many as possible tutorials on youtube, even tutorials from a DAW that you don’t use because from each and every tutorial you can learn at least 1 thing! Use the structure from tracks that already has been released and build your own thing around it. And last but not least.. Work hard, very hard!


‘Sundey’ is such a beautiful song, how did this song become?

Sundey was made on a Sunday lol.. Normally I don’t produce music on a Sunday, but on this specific day I felt like creating something chill with as result, an afro house beat with some deep tech influences.


What can we expect from you in 2016?

In February I have a new release planned which will be released by Italian based label ’99Waves Records’. This one will be a collaboration with HighNrich.
I got my official site coming up, more of new music! And since 2012 I also have my ambition to become a DJ besides being a producer,  these are the plans for 2016!


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